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If you have an internet connection and a recent browser to run our program (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari or SeaMonkey), by taking an annual or monthly subscription,

We grant you the rights to use all the functions of the on-line professional software of numerology NuméyogaPRO in its versions 5.0.0 and following, for commercial purposes (sale of charts, consultation by telephone...). If you use the charts of the software without modifying them, you are free to mention or not the name of the authors which is automatically generated at the end of the chart. In the contrary case, if you modify the analysis, you are not allowed to mention the name of the authors. For this, you just have to change the content of the banner. You can modify it from the menu Tools / Numeyoga Preferences.

The professional license of use is acquired for one year or a month according to the subscription you choose. At the conclusion of this period, you are free to renew or not this subscription. Once the payment of the subscribtion is made, the money you earn thanks to the use of the program is royalty-free. So you can sell any chart without having to transfer one penny to us. Moreover, we commit ourselves not exerting any control on the data used to perform the charts. On the other hand, you are the only responsible of the content used and saved in your strictly personal repertory on our servers. In order to preserve, as well as possible, the confidentiality of information, all the data which forward between our servers and your computer are strongly encrypted. The secure Internet data transmission is done by the hosting company OVH. Even if the availability of our servers is excellent (99.9%), the attention of the user is drawn to the possible risk of a discontinuity of service (internet troubleshooting, server maintenance).

The license of professional use is not exclusive and is inalienable. In others words, you are not allowed to sell, rent, distribute or even offer this professional license of use to another person. You also agree to not use simultaneously this on-line application from two distinct machines or more under the same login.
You are informed that we have the right to use all control procedures in order to check that no one use this service without being duly authorized by contract.
We will inform you by email of all event and maintenance actions relating to this program.

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