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System Requirements

NumeyogaPRO can be used with any connected computer whatever its operating system is (Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android...). You just need one of the following browsers  FirefoxGoogle ChromeOperaSafariSeamonkey or Internet Explorer (from version 7).
Your browser must be set to run JavaScript, accept cookies (you can remove them at the end of the session) and allow popups windows (which will never be pop-up ads). Which browser to use?
In general, always use the most recent versions of browsers we recommend. NuméyogaPRO is optimized at 100 per cent for Firefox, Seamonkey and Opera. It also works well with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer is compatible from version 7, but in a different visual rendering. We do not guarantee compatibility with other browsers. This does not mean they will not work either.

Tip: If the usual settings of your browser does not meet our specifications, rather than setup everything every time you run NumeyogaPRO, why not download another browser that you use exclusively with our online program... Opera is very suitable.


Secured connection 
In order to preserve the confidentiality of information, all data which forward between our servers and your computer are strongly encrypted.  See the presence of the 's' in the web address (https://www.numeyoga.pro/bin/). This indicates that you use SSL secure connection.
When you open your first session, your browser should inform you that transactions will be secured in this way.


How to configure your browser to allow popup windows, JavaScript and cookies
In NumeyogaPRO some information is displayed in popup windows above the main window which contains numerological tables of the native. Most of browsers can be configured to prevent the display of popup windows, more often to prevent advertisements. So you need to allow popup in your browser in order to run our web application.
Then you also need to check that Javascript is enabled because it is impossible to use our program without this option. A message will warn you immediately. NumeyogaPRO requires Javascript to allow a good interoperability with the user. For example, it is used for various forms (new chart, preferences...)
Finally, we will ensure that using cookies is allowed for at least the time of the session. Numeyoga needs only one cookie, a small text saved on your computer, so that our multi-users online program can differentiate you from others.

Click on the links below if you need help for configuring your browser:
Firefox  | Google Chrome  | Internet Explorer  | Opera  | Safari


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