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The full online English/US version is coming soon. The translation is in progress. However you can already test the free version which is more than a demo. Our on-line program is intended to professionals and amateurs who want to use the most complete version of our program of numerology. You can also order a complete chart in order to get an idea of the quality of the interpretation.
If you wish to test a stand-alone software of numerology, fell free to download our demo version of Numeyoga for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Just click on this following link: www.numeyoga.com. These versions do not generate analysis as thorough as our online version, but they are already very accurate.
NumeyogaPRO 5 on-line is our best program. With our web application, you and all serious numerologists have a powerful tool. From now on, all our efforts for the development relates only to this on-line version.

We publish books about our method both in English and French (see below)
Our new book !
Numerology Unveiled -Vol. 2
Numerology Unveiled - Vol.2 - Kindle

Numerology Unveiled - Vol. 2
How to live the ideal relationship with your lover, your child or your professional partner
Wilfrid Pochat & Michel Pirmaïer
Apr. 2016 - 316 pages - 9 x 6 x 0.8 inches - Nostredame Publishing

Through the science of Numbers and our method, this book will enable you to know yourself and others even better. Thanks to numerous detailed numerological studies, you will be able to understand where the problems in your relationships stem from, thus emphasizing how their attributes can be improved upon.
Volume II of Numerology Unveiled aims to be accessible for all and easy to understand. Even, the experienced numerologist will be able to find many new subtle and accurate observations, by following through the numerological information as to how well two individuals are liable to get long.

Chose between the paper edition and the kindle edition and feel free to look inside !

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The Unveiled Numerology -Vol. 1
The Unveiled Numerology - Vol.1 - Kindle

The Unveiled Numerology - Vol. 1
You do not necessarily carry the name you think
Wilfrid Pochat & Michel Pirmaïer
Aug. 2011 - 338 pages - 9 x 6 x 0.8 inches - Nostredame Publishing

By unveiling the missing key, which explains why we do not necessarily carry the name we think, this book makes numerology really efficient and amazing. With it, learn how numbers can reveal your true personality and your destiny.
If one day in your life, you wanted to really know what was hidden behind the numbers, this book will finally answer your questions.

Chose between the paper edition and the kindle edition and feel free to look inside !

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